2 comments on “حكاية أخلاق (الكذب)

  1. Awsome piece of Artwork but I do have a few questions regarding your style ..Now clearly the Style seems to be an allegory (from my impression atleast) and hence every one should comprehend it and relate to it in a different way ..how ever I want your own perspective about what does the Ruler Symbolize
    Keep up the Good work 🙂


    • Dear Mr Ahmed, 🙂
      The Ruler symbolize Knowledge and the relationship between education,knowledge and ethics. Yes it’s an allegory but anyway I must confess when I was writing that article then I got no idea what the heck I was writing about but after all the idea got to me which was to criticize the educational problems with a simple way as you saw in the article. Thank You very much for your time and I’m glad you like it, Stay tuned for more 🙂


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